Breaking Free: Life Without Limits


You have been programmed to think, act, and respond in certain ways. These programs have become the filter through which you see the world and react to it, but you can change these automatic responses. By taking control of your mental programs, you can begin to change the control that your fears and beliefs have on you and consciously decide which beliefs are beneficial to you and which ones aren’t. Because you live in a people-pleasing world, you have given up on your dreams and ambitions. This book will lead you to dream again, set big attainable goals, and live the life you always wanted.


Are you happy? Do you feel like what you do matters? Do you wonder if everything you have been through was worth it? At the end of the day, do you feel that you have done something valuable? Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished in life? If you are struggling with these feelings, Breaking Free: Life Without Limits is the book for you. Life should be more than just existing. What you do and how you live your life should make you feel fulfilled and feel that your contribution to the world is worthwhile. Your life was meant to be exciting and abundant. Join author Tim Hart as he leads you step by step through the process of getting past what is holding you back. With his help, you will develop a specific action plan so that you can achieve what you want in life. The practices discussed in this book were used by Tim to take himself from general contractor to life coach. There is no secret to the steps shared here, and when applied every day will make monumental changes in your life. After working in construction for twenty-one years, Tim realized what he loved most about his job was discussing his customers’ dreams for their homes and helping them get the homes they always wanted. Now Tim follows his passion to help people realize their potential by leading them to remove the obstacles to their success. From creating the homes of people’s dreams to creating the life of their dreams, Tim has been working to help make dreams reachable for years. Now, he will help make yours a reality. So climb aboard and hang on tight. You won’t be the same when you’re done.


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