Suggested Reading List

You will find below my suggested reading list. It is extremely important that you become a reader (or listener). If you spend even a half hour driving to and from work, you have valuable time that you can be filling your mind with content that has the potential to change your life. There is a wealth of knowledge available to all of us and it is  absolutely free. You just have to search it out. I have made the first steps easy for you by giving you a list to start with.

I have included the top 37 books that I have read or listened to. Most of these can be found in audiobook on the Hoopla App which can be downloaded on most mobile devices. Overdrive is also a great audiobook resource. My vehicle is my university on wheels. You can transform yours as well. Don’t waste the time!


Breaking Free, Life Without Limits, Tim Hart

The power of now, Ekhart Tolle

The monk who sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma

The seasons of life, Jim Rohn

Thinking for a change, John Maxwell

The One Thing, Matthew Kelley

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelo

Dream big, set goals, take action, Wayne Dyer

The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy

Man’s Search for Meaning,  Victor Frankl

The prayer of Jabez, Bruce Wilkerson

Eat that frog, Brian Tracy

Flight Plan, Brian Tracy

Take the stairs, Rory Vaden

The Generosity Factor, Ken Blanchard and S Truett Cathy

Emotional Iintelligence, Dan Goleman

Halftime, Bob Buford

Winning With People,  John Maxwell

It’s not about me, Christopher Milo

Act Like Men, James Macdonald

Psychocybernetics, Maxwell Maltz

The Peacemaker,  Ken Sande

Having it All, John Assaraf

The Noticer, Andy Andrews

In a pit with a lion on a snowy day, Mark Batterson

Play the Man, Mark Batterson

Boundaries, When to Say Yes and When to Say No, John Townsend Henry Cloud

Fearless, Eric Blehm

Procrastinate on Purpose,  Rory Vaden

Killing Kryptonite, John Bevere

A Paralyzing Redemption, Brian Ziegler

The Bible

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza

Love Does, Bob Goff

Leadership Pain,  Samuel Chand

Little Professors,  Tim King

A Grace Disguised, Jerry Sittser